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Our employees are our greatest strength. Our employee action plan consists of:
  • Recruiting and selecting employees whose education, skills and work philosophies match the organization's needs.
  • Implementing performance management programs that effectively motivate and provide rewards for results.
  • Managing programs that facilitate employee involvement and team problem-solving processes.
At VAGHANI, we create an environment where the employees feel valued and good about coming to work. By this, we hope to deliver a level of service that builds true customer loyalty. We believe that "The road to real customer satisfaction begins with sincerity and integrity, followed by hard work and dedication."

  • Financial Strength
  • Stocks in season & off season
  • Broker network
  • Professional manpower
  • Market information
Financial Strength

VAGHANI INC being an independent company, has sound financial stability and flexibility to pursue business opportunities. The company has the capacity to meet short- term and long-term financial need as well as fulfilling the order of products in any volume without delay. So we enjoy excellent credit rating with different financial institutions to meet immediate monetary need.

Stock in season & off-season

We have capability to reserve a huge stock of Ozerkite Wax, Bees Wax and other products in our warehouse that controls ambient temperature so as to retain their natural properties. In regard to seasonal products, we manage to stock in the sufficient volume to meet the off season demand as we have commitment to our clients for the supply of seasonal wax products. 

Network & Communication

Having established the wide chain of procurement and supply for streamlining supplying and sourcing process. We hold clear, relevant and credible communication with clients and other stakeholders in order to overcome day-to-day business dilemmas. Our team of marketing personnel is accountable for analyzing the market development in terms of price, availability and demand. on the basis of market research, we control sourcing and stocking flows.

Professional Manpower

The company encourages innovative and effective management that holds the comprehensive experience and offers effective and  engaging workplaces. It is committed to overall development of its employees. Skill and expertise of its workforce have set the route for the standardization, quality excellence and compliance with international grade. Our experienced team are trained to deal with the unforeseen contingencies.

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to the collective organizational success."